MK-328 TR \ LCR \ ESR Tranzisztor LCR ESR mérő

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1. A key operation with automatic shutdown
2. Battery operation is possible since shutdown current is only about 20nA
3. Automatic detection of NPN and PNP bipolar transistors, N- and P-Channel MOSFETs, JFETs, diodes, double diodes, unidirectional thyristor and bidirectional thyristor.
4. Automatic detection of pin layout of the detected part.
5. Measuring the current amplification coefficient of the bipolar transistor and the voltage of base - emitter threshold
6. Darlington transistors can be identiď¬ed by the threshold voltage of the high current ampliď¬cation factor.
7. Detection the bipolar transistor and the protection diode of MOS
8. Measuring the Gate threshold voltage and Gate capacity value of MOSFETs.
9. Up to two Resistors are measured and shown values with up to four decimal digits in the right dimension. All symbols are surrounded by the probe numbers of the Tester. So Potentiometer can also be measured. If the Potentiometer is adjusted to one of its ends, the Tester cannot differ the middle pin and the end pin.
10. The resolution of the resistance measurement is 0.1Ω, can measure up to 50MΩ
11. One capacitor can be detected and measured. It is shown value with up to four decimal digits in the right dimension. The value can be from 30pF to 100mF. The resolution can be up to 1 pF
12. For capacitors with a capacity value above 2µF the Equivalent. Serial Resistance (ESR) is measured with a resolution of 0.01Ω and shown with two signiď¬cant decimal digits
13. Up to two diodes are shown in correct order and by diode symbol. Additionally the forward voltages are shown.
14. LED is detected as diode
MK-328 TR\LCR\ESR Transistor LCR ESR Tester Cemiconductor Device Analyzer

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