Alacsonyabb ár! Mini SI4463 2000M vezeték nélküli adó-vevő modul Nagyobb

Mini SI4463 2000M vezeték nélküli adó-vevő modul

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XL4463-SMT wireless module is made by our company uses Silicon Labs' Si4463 B1 well-designed version of the chip is a complete, compact, low-power wireless transceiver module. Si4463 is a high-performance low current 433MHz transceiver is a EZRadioPRO series, including a complete transmitter and receiver. Highest sensitivity -126dBm, the maximum output power + 20dBm, support (G) FSK, 4 (G) FSK, (G) MSK, OOK and ASK modulation, the data rate range of 100bps ~ 1Mbps, operating voltage of 1.8V ~ 3.6V, shutdown Current 30nA, standby current 50nA. Si4463 has a narrow-band phase noise and better concession band applications, with blocking and select properties, such as, FCC Part90 and 169MHz wireless MBus. Also has adjacent channel selectivity 60dB 12.5kHz channel spacing, ensuring reliable operation in harsh RF conditions, which for narrowband operation is particularly important. Si4463 provides excellent output power (up to + 20dBm) and excellent efficiency TX. Its high output power and sensitivity, and the industry-leading 146 db link, extended range and reliability of the communication link. This satisfies the RF signal amplification development difficult problem to some extent. At the maximum power setting conditions for open communication distance up to 2000 km. Far more than the SI4432, known as "the wall king," said. Module integrates all RF related functions and devices, users do not need to understand the relevant knowledge of radio, you can use this module to easily develop a stable and reliable wireless related products.

[Module Features]
XL4463-SMT is based on the original Silicon company specializes in manufacturing-related data from well-designed,
the most fitting of various characteristics SI4464.
Murata high frequency module device used in all standard inductance and capacitance,
the crystal of 10ppm precision specifications ensure that the wireless feature modules are fully reflected.
From Shenzhen professional OEM factory using precision SMT lead-free solder processing,
all modules have been professional equipment testing, uniformity and stability modules are fully protected.
SPI interface, small size and dimension, stamps hole convenient interface for embedded design,
fully extend the distance, so that your device performance to the next level.
With shield, anti-jamming performance better!

[Module] Details
1. Frequency range: 410-440M (antenna matching optimal range, and the country is free ISM band)
2. Sensitivity: Up to -126dBm (0.5Kbps)
3, the maximum output power wireless transmitter: 20dBm (1.2Kbps, 433M)
4, the data transfer rate: 0.1-1Mbps
5, the modulation mode: FSK, GFSK, 4GFSK and OOK
6. Power: 1.8-3.6 V
7, ultra-low consumption in power-down mode is 30nA (4.21ms), in the standby mode 50nA
Mini SI4463 2000M 433Mhz Remote Wireless Transceiver Module + Spring Antenna

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