Alacsonyabb ár! Mini képernyő modul 84x48 LCD Raspberry Pi B B + Nagyobb

Mini képernyő modul 84x48 LCD Raspberry Pi B B +

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Size: 54.3*43.3*4.7cm
Raspberry PI pcd8544 shield V2.0 screen does not contain a diagram of the motherboard.
Raspberry pie driving PCD8544 tutorial:
1 the hardware how to connect:
Connection mode of B version:
Insert the B+ version of the B+ 2*20P pin: remember the former 2*13P needle and B version is fully
compatible, also is the signal definition completely consistent. So the B+ program and B are fully
compatible with!
To install wiring pi. 1
Cd ~
Git clone git://
CD wiringPi
2 to establish a working directory
Cd ~
MKDIR cpu_show
The 3 method of using SFTP to download the source code to the /home/piu_show
The 4 compilation of source code
CD ~cpu_show
CC -o cpushow pcd8544_rpi.c PCD8544.c -L/usr/locallib -lwiringPi
/ / finally implementation effect
////////////////////// contrast adaptation knowledge //////////////////////////
/ / because each LCD contrast differences, if you find
/ / display the content is too dark. Or display the content is too light.
/ / need to contrast variables modify pcd8544_rpi.c the source code, and then in the re compiled and run to see the effects of a change in!
Nano pcd8544_rpi.c
/ / LCD contrast
//may be need modify to fit your screen! Normal: 30- 90, default is:45!!! Maybe modify this value!
Int contrast = 45
Mini Screen Module 84x48 PCD8544 LCD Shield with Backlight For Raspberry Pi B B+

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