MAX1879 lítium akkumulátor töltő 18650 modul PCB

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Input of anti-reverse, wrong not to burn! 4MOS anti-reflux, no leakage when not charging!
Automatic polarity output terminal, then the battery can be charged at random! Other cottage with wood? ? !
â… ordinary lithium battery 4.2V, high-voltage lithium battery 4.35V, 3.6V lithium iron phosphate-take
â… pulse gap detection voltage, the contact resistance is almost no effect
â… ultra-high accuracy of 0.5% (0.1% actual)
â… no current limiting through-charging, perfectly compatible with solar panels
â… anti-reflux, do not drain the battery is fully charged after inputs
â… automatic battery polarity identification, random access can charge
â… input of the anti-reverse, reverse does not burn board
â… thin 3 mm, to facilitate a variety plug the gap in
â… high efficiency through-charging, self-heating small
â… Safety Timer 6 hours
â… full-page full-1 precision resistors, the entire large volume of precious metals
1210 X7R multilayer ceramic capacitor of the most stable temperature characteristics
â… stoped, the charging status indicator
Disadvantages: Any flow of power demanding, there are relatively injury overcharge the battery.
The circuit is not directly charge the cell phone circuit boards!
Only for rechargeable lithium batteries!
If you use this charge sheet direct charge mobile phones,
will be free technical support, and will not support the return!
Volume: 28mm * 18mm * 3mm, ultra-thin ultra-small
Input voltage: 4.5-5.5V (not recommended too high, otherwise injury battery)
Cut-off voltage: 4.2V / 4.32V / 3.6V plus or minus 0.5 percent jumper selection
Output current: not limit, equal to the input current
Timeout timer: about 6.25 hours
Charging MAX1879 precision is now recognized as the most accurate.
The charge sheet designed for enthusiasts make fast, accurate and easy to create a universal charger.
To adapt to the growing number of mobile phone lithium batteries.
The board can use 4.5-6V perfect solar cell to charge the battery, comes with anti-reflux and highly efficient
(constant current source, then more than 99%), do not waste little bit of solar power.
The new direct support 4.35V lithium battery, full cut-off voltage of about 4.32V
(measured Samsung note2 charging cut-off voltage is 4.31V) when fully loaded on the phone 100% perfect power
When connected to the outermost end of two automatic polarity terminals connected together,
it is recommended to limit the charging current is less than 2A.
If direct from fds4435 charging (the output of that hole alone, high current terminal),
it is recommended to limit the charging current is less than 4A. No automatic polarity switching function.
Voltage Setting Jumper: a pad in half, put together the corresponding voltage is set,
as shown in the left even from setting 3.6V, rechargeable lithium iron phosphate batteries,
the right even to set up 4.35V, charging high voltage lithium battery, not even the default 4.2V ordinary lithium batteries.
Comes without red and blue color / red LED one, you need buy it in our store
At your own soldered to the circuit, welding methods such as baby pictures shown
Color LED shortest pin blue pin (or green pins), and therefore the shortest pin
should be marked with the figure above the blue-position welding
It is recommended to take a good battery and then power,
or battery voltage is higher than 4V will not be activated if the charge
Charging red lights, follow the 1879 pulse shimmering, slow initial charging flicker frequency,
flicker accelerate when approaching full, red light off after full of blue lights
If you use ordinary power without limiting, in the series with the input current limiting
resistor suitable to avoid excessive current damaging the power panels and batteries

Package Included:
1 x MAX1879 Lithium Battery 18650 Charging Module Solar Power PCB Anti-reverse 4.35V
MAX1879 Lithium Battery 18650 Charging Module Solar Power PCB Anti-reverse 4.35V

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