LED radaros érzékelő 3-12W Gömb lámpa Smart Switch

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560 Ft‎


700 Ft‎

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It uses Doppler radar technology, with auto-sensing capabilities to control other product,High sensitivity, sensor distance, reliability, wide angle sensor,Wide supply voltage range and other characteristics. Widely used in lighting situations,anti-theft alarm situations.
1. microwave sensors using planar antenna and receiving echo.
2. The switch is active sensors.
3. The sensors emit a high-frequency electromagnetic waves and receives their echo.
4. The sensors detect changes within echo.
5. The sensors detect tiny movement in detect range.
6. Send signal to MCU and execution instruction.
7. Signals are likely to be detected through the door, glass and thin walls.
8. It will get best probe result if person or object when moving toward the sensor.
9. This product is a strong anti-jamming capability, almost without wind, heat and other environmental factors foreign interference
1. working voltage: 3.3-20VDC
LED Microwave Radar Sensor for 3-12W Spherical Lamp Smart Switch 3.3-20V DC

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