CD4060 álom Fény LED DIY készlet Elektronikus DIY

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1 125 Ft‎

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1>. You should install the minimum component at first,the components must be installed in batches:insert 3-8 components firstly,after welding these components , cut component pins, then insert the next batch of components into the next batch of the installation process, until loaded all the components.
2>. Don’t put too strength to insert the component,in case of damage the components. The correct approach is to use tools to process the component pin shape in advance,ensure that the component can be installed the circuit board successfully.
3>. The component will cross the circuit board in wedding ,in case of prevent the component from dropping because of gravity,you can bend the component’s root on the welding surface into 120 degree.
4>. The welding time should be controlled within 2-3 seconds,if the iron at high temperature then needed a short wedding time,on the contrary,if it at low temperature then needed long time. Pay attention that it is unsuitable when the iron temperature is too high or too low , otherwise it will damage components or circuit board easily.
5>. The electrolytic capacitor is divided into positive and negative, the long pin is positive.
6>. Check each part carefully, in case of mistaking.

Package Included :
1 x CD4060 Dream Light LED DIY Kit Electronic DIY Brand Birthday Gift Suite
CD4060 Dream Light LED DIY Kit Electronic DIY Brand Birthday Gift Suite

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