Alacsonyabb ár! Arduino + Mini dugdosó próbapanel + 65 jumper Nagyobb

Arduino + Mini dugdosó próbapanel + 65 jumper

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Prototype Shield ProtoShield for Arduino:

1.Brand new and high quality.
2.Small soldering area.
3.All Arduino pins are brought to the top level.
4.1 reset button, 1 general use button, and 2 LED circuits can be used directly.
5.5V, GND, and Raw pins are exposed as well.
6.SOIC place for IC.
7.The mini breadboard has 170 tie points.
8.The breadboard sticks on the prototype shield with its self-adhesive backing.
9.Prototype Size:7cm x 5.5cm x 2cm
10.Mini breadboard size: 4.4 * 3.4 * 1cm
65pcs Jumper Cable Wire:

1.49 pcs 120mm length
2.8 pcs 150mm length
3.4 pcs 200mm length
4.4pcs 240mm length
Package Included:

Package Content:

1.1 x Arduino prototype shield
2.1 x Mini breadboard
3.65Ă— cable wires

Prototype Shield ProtoShield for Arduino+Mini Breadboard+65pcs Jumper Cable Wire

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