5db XL4015 Step Down állítható tápegység Modul

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The DC-DC module based on LM2596 advocate current to 3.0A, but only to 1.8A.However, being introduced module adds a heatsink, using high-power devices.This module can easily reach 4A, 50W, add heat sink circumstances can reach 75W, has a high price!!
Module highlights: 5A high poweră€high efficiency and low ripple with power indicator !!!
1ă€Input voltage range:4~38VDC(Note:input voltage not exceeding 38V)
2ă€Output voltage range:1.25-36VDC adjustable
3ă€Output current: 0-5A, recommended for use in 4.5A.
4ă€Output power: 75W
5ă€Working temperature: -40~+85 degrees
6ă€Operating frequency: 180KHz
8ă€Short circuit protection: yes(limit current 8A).
9ă€Over temperature protection
10ă€Input reverse polarity protection: None (if required, high current diode in series with the input).
11ă€L x W x H = 54 * 23 * 18mm
The DC/DC buck module applications the input voltage is higher than the output voltage of the buck field, such as battery, power transformer, DIY adjustable regulated power supply, 24V Vehicle notebook power supply,industrial equipment buck.12V buck to 3.3V, 12V buck to 5V, 24V buck to 5V,24V buck to 12V, 36V buck to 24V etc.
Package Included:
5 x XL4015 DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Power Supply Module LED Lithium Charger 5A Max
5 x heat sink
5PCS XL4015 DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Power Supply Mod2ule Lithium Charger 5A

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