4-csatornás vezérlő hangfelvétel modul Arduino

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About 4-Channel Voice Record Module Voice Playback Module

this is a voice module.
It is very convenient to do voice recording and playback with the help of this module.
The basic circuit of this module has been finished which means
we do not need to connect the wire while recording.

About 4-Channel Control Voice Sound Record Playback Module

- Amplifier board module, the maximum output power2.5W, loud and clear voice.
- Volume adjustment function, the volume can be change according to the Requirements.
- New circuit, strong anti-interference ability.
- Smaller size: 16mm*18mm.
- SupportMono 8 bit 8K and 16K sampling rate, the sound can have arbitrary segments, each sound
segment can have arbitrary length.
- Voice information can be recorded and broadcast as different segments , the voice information can be

changed at any time.
- FLASH memory. Lower cost and better reliability.
- New standby mode and the its working current is just 0.3mA.


2TXD/D4Serialport Tx and control pin 4
3RXD/D3Serialport Rx and control pin 3
4D2control pin 2
5D1control pin 1
7VO-Voice volumeoutput +
8VO+Voice volume output-
9OUTVoice without power amplification
10NCNo connect
11BUSY(Working mode) high level when in play mode.
12MODEMode selection:High:play mode;low:record mode
Record Mode Method
Please refer to the introduction of the “ICWaveDownload”
Play Mode Method
Schematic diagram

Module response to rising edge of pins D1,D2,D3,D4. (Frequency:about 50Hz).
Mechanical drawing
The mobile Application
Arduino control
Access control system

Package Included:
1PCS* 4-Channel Control Voice Sound Record Playback
1PCS* voice Record module Arduino
4-Channel Control Voice Sound Record Playback with voice Record module Arduino

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