3.2" TFT LCD modul+TFT 3.2" LCD Arduino

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3.2" TFT LCD Shield,Can be directly to the 3.2 "TFT on the shields, can be compatible with the arduino
3.2 TFT LCD Panel Module:
High Quality Complete LCD w/ Touch screen Complete Module.
LCD screen + touch screen, with LCD & touch screen Controller.
8051 / AVR / PIC low power controller can also drive this LCD easily.
High portability! Increase development efficiency & lower development cost.
Screen: 65K Colors
Driver IC: SSD1289
(Note: The old Version will be out of manufacture)
Size:57.54 (W) x 79.2 (H) x 4.40(T) mm
View area:48.60(W) x 64.80(H) mm
Display content:240RGB x 320 Dots
Resolution:240 x 3 x 320 Dots
Pixel dot size:67.5 (L) x 202.5 (W) um
Pixel order:STRIPE TYPE
Structure type:COG+FPC+BL+TP
Backlight type:WHITE LED
Working voltage is 3.3V.
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Shipping included:
1PCS*3.2 inch TFT LCD module Display with touch panel SD card 240x320 than 128x64 lcd
1PCS*TFT 3.2'' 4.3'' 5.0'' 7.0'' Mega touch LCD Shield Expansion board for Arduino
3.2" TFT LCD Module Touch Panel+ TFT 3.2" LCD Shield Expansion Board For arduino

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