2db 3A 30W DC-DC step Up Down áramátalakító

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2 899 Ft‎


3 052 Ft‎

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Weight: 12g
nput voltage range: 5.0-25V
Output voltage range: 0.5V-25V (Output voltage can be higher than can be lower than the input voltage, but follow the principle of conservation of energy)
Continuous output current: 3A (max) long working hours within please ensure 2A
Continuous Input Current: 3A (max) long working hours within please ensure 2A
Input / Output Power: 30W (max)
Input / Output Current: rated conditions of calculation of the input / output current based on power conservation (Uin * Iin * efficiency = Uout * Iout)
Instructions and precautions:
IN +: Enter positive IN-: Input Negative OUT: Output + OUT-: output negative
Enabling switch: Disconnect shorting cap module stop output.
• No input reverse polarity protection, reverse will burn, please note polarity when in use.
• Output short circuit module will automatically stop output, re-plug the enable switch shorting cap can be restored.
• Module at no load and off load easily start momentarily output voltage exceeds a preset voltage, it is not suitable for voltage sensitive equipment.
Note that the input is negative, then the wrong direct damage
Common voltage data test:
Boost Efficiency Buck Efficiency
5.0V turn 12V / 1A transfer efficiency 86.3% 5V 3.3V / 3A efficiency of 74.2%
7.4V turn 12V / 1A efficiency of 88.7% 12V turn 5V / 3A efficiency of 83.8%
12V switch 18V / 1A efficiency of 88.3% 24V switch 12V / 2A efficiency of 86.4%
18V switch 24V / 1A efficiency of 87.3% 24V switch 18V / 2A efficiency of 87.6%
Buck Mode Efficiency
12V switch 12V / 3A transfer efficiency 87.4% 5V 5V / 2A efficiency of 81.4%
2 x 3A 30W DC-DC Boost Buck adjustable step up down Power Converter
2PCS 3A 30W DC-DC Boost Buck Adjustable Step Up Down Power Converter

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