Alacsonyabb ár! 180W 12 / 24V nagy teljesítményű DC Motor Driver Nagyobb

180W 12 / 24V nagy teljesítményű DC Motor Driver

Új termék

10 551 Ft‎


11 107 Ft‎

Egyéb infó

1.Support the motor voltage 9V to 24V, maximum continuous load current 10A (for 30 seconds), 7.5A (a long time), 10A fuse
2. Support the potentiometer, 0 to 5V analog signal with TTL level,
-5V ~ 5V differential analog signals, RS485 variety of control modes

3. Motor loop current PID regulator control, current control accuracy of 0.1A,
to support motor soft-start, start current size, the size of the braking current can be configured.
Stall current does not exceed the rated current of motor stall, you can automatically
adjust the motor circuit to protect the motor

4.Support the the motor reversing two-way speed control support PWM, torque,
closed loop variety governor

5. Supports up to 18kHz PWM frequency, this frequency is close to
the human ear hearing ceiling, motor speed clamor cry

6. A minimal PWM deadband, the effective range of only 0.5us,
PWM: 1.125kHz, 0.2% to 99.8% when 18kHz, 1% to 99.8%

7. Support RS485 multi-machine communication control block driver board
(a host through two signal lines)
180W 12/24V High-power DC Motor Driver/Speed Controller (PID Control)

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