Alacsonyabb ár! 100db 5mm 4pin RGB közös anód LED Piros Zöld Kék Nagyobb

100db 5mm 4pin RGB közös anód LED Piros Zöld Kék

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Lens Color : Water Clear
Size: 5mm
Emitted Colour : Red / Green / Blue
Pins sequence: RED/Common Cathode/Green/Blue
Luminous Intensity: 4000/8000/5000mcd
Forward Voltage (V) : 2.1~3.4
View Angle: About 25 degree.
Angle (deg)If=20mAIf=20mAIf=20mAVr=5V
Please test to add current limiting resistor, it will be very easy to burn out the LED resistance of a few hundred to 1000ohm.
R: wavelength 630-640nm Brightness 1000-1200mcd Voltage 1.8-2.0V
G: wavelength 515-512nm Brightness 3000-5000mcd Voltage 3.2-3.4V
B: wavelength 465-475nm Brightness 2000-3000mcd Voltage 3.2-3.4V
100Pcs 4pin 5mm RGB Tri-Color Common Anode LED Red Green Blue
On Apr-26-16 at 23:40:21 PDT, .
100Pcs 5mm 4pin RGB Tri-Color Common Anode LED light Red Green Blue

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