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UV-érzékelő modul Arduino elektronikus Ultraviolet

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The UV Sensor is used for detecting the intensity of incident ultraviolet(UV) radiation. This form of electromagnetic radiation has shorter wavelengths than visible radiation. The UV Sensor is based on the sensor GUVA-S12D which has a wide spectral range of 200nm-400nm. The module outputs electrical signal which varies with the UV intensity, which gives your suggestion if it is a good idea to beach today.
PCB size: 33.0mm X 14.00mm X 1.6mm
Power supply: 3.3 or 5V DC
Compatible interfaces: 2.54 3-pin interface and 4-pin Grove interface
Parameter Min. Typical Max. Unit
Operating voltage 3.0 5 5.5 VDC
Current - 0.3 - mA
Output voltage 0 - VCC VDC
Response wavelength 200 - 370 nm
void setup()
UV Sensor Module for Arduino Electronic Ultraviolet Brick Ray Detection New

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