Alacsonyabb ár! Sztereó audió teljesítmény TDA2030A erősítő 18Wx2 Nagyobb

Sztereó audió teljesítmény TDA2030A erősítő 18Wx2

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2 185 Ft‎


2 349 Ft‎

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Highly acclaimed classic circuit! Starter circuit instead! Even the power supply capacitors are also not cut back to Europe! Count the number of parts that you know! Ensure real HIFI sound! See "Mono version."

Perfect alignment! The size of each channel independently trace the signal ground! No background noise! No hum! High channel isolation and layering! Even the power lines of the two channels are separated Oh!

No electrolytic capacitors around the fins! Make sure the capacitor will not lose heat stability! Ina imported high-frequency capacitance Promise! More stable and reliable!

Small-signal circuit design around the shielded cable to minimize clutter!

Signal output line while double-sided alignment! Large surface area! A lot of advantages! You know!

The heat sink is fixed to the circuit board! Fixed fins no trace part! It can be separated along the row of holes and grooving! Completely ignoring tolerance! This is something that many people will be ignored! However, when installed without error since it is impossible height between the chip and heat sink mounting holes, which appears dislocation problems, not only inconvenient to install, but also strong to withstand the stress so that the chip is tied directly, ranging from distortion, while let pad off . This point in time by pillars fixed PCB is particularly obvious!

Performance Parameters:
Supply Voltage: ± 6V to ± 22V(! Recommended ± 18V,
this voltage 12V AC reputation of the best after a full bridge rectifier 18V)
Output Power: Typical 15W Ă— 2
(that is, each channel 15W, total peak power of 36W)
Speaker Impedance: 4Ω ~ 8Ω
Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.08% (Po = 0.1 to 14W, RL = 4Ω)
SNR: 94dB-106dB (1W-15W)
Frequency response: 100kHz

Package Included:
1 x Stereo Audio Power TDA2030A Amplifier Board OCL 18Wx2 Compatible LM1875T
Stereo Audio Power TDA2030A Amplifier Board OCL 18Wx2 Compatible LM1875T

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