Alacsonyabb ár! SHT21 páratartalom és hőmérséklet érzékelő modul Nagyobb

SHT21 páratartalom és hőmérséklet érzékelő modul

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The Humidity and Temperature Sensor is an Arduino-compatible sensor board that carries an SHT21 digital humidity and temperature sensor from Sensirion. It has a 4-pin interface that can communicate directly with the analog pins on the Arduino.
The SHT21 utilizes a capacitive sensor element to measure humidity, while the temperature is measured by a band gap sensor. Both sensors are seamlessly coupled to a 14-bit ADC, which then transmits digital data to the Arduino over the I2C protocol. Because of the sensor’s tiny size, it has incredibly low power consumption, making it suited for virtually any application.
To optimize accuracy of temperature and humidity readings, the SHT21 sensor is placed at the tip of the board, isolating it from heat producing circuitry. Two of the sensor’s four pins are ground and +5V
SHT21 Digital Humidity And Temperature Sensor Module Replace SHT11 SHT15

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