MT7681 soros WIFI modul MTK + antenna

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1 MT7681 contains a high speed CPU processor, can be used by the customer,no external SCM to realize the data transmission. Program space and dozens of KFALSH, a dozen K RAM idle, outer 5 IO port and serial port can be arbitrarily call.
2 internal MT7681 code, simply call the TCP UDP function, can complete the data transmission link and receive function, these are relatively mature.
3 the source code of the module is the whole process of demo with MT7681internal CPU and mobile phone terminal interaction interaction data. Is the MT7681 internal MCUcall TCP IP to complete data
4 because of the internal MCU to directly call TCP IP function of the realization ofthe network data transmission, this is somewhat unsuitable for less familiar with the TCP IP's brother, a lot of people need is: I passed the serial module, an external microcontroller, and then use the AT command to listen on a port ordirectly connected to the external IP,and AT command allows external MCU andthe communication module, which is to realize the data communication. At present we have no time to be part of the AT instruction to improve TCP/IP.
5 we support the latest AT transmission code will be released within a week, the customer can use serial port upgrade new software!
Mt7681 chip introduction:
Application of Yu Zhihui family equipment, is currently the smallest IEEE 802.11nSoC, can be an easy way to design the network embedded equipment service, allfunctions areintegrated in the 40pin, the 5x5mm QFN package.
Provide GPIO / PWM intelligent control, and provides UART / SPI interface formobile communication.
Integrated power management unit, power amplifier, low noise amplifier, RF switch module, reduce the volume and RF design capacity requirements.
For the simple type of small household electrical appliances, such as intelligentsocket, lighting and sensor.

Package Included:
1 x MT7681 serial WIFI module MTK mediatek New product promotion + antenna
MT7681 serial WIFI module MTK mediatek New product promotion + antenna

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