LM1036N hang kontrol 12V DC / AC tápegység DIY

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Using the LM1036 DC tonal chip, referring to the official standard circuit design, control range,
with a loudness function, the effect is very good.
DC voltage controlpotentiometer only single joint can control both channels,
and can extend to the plate with an ordinary wire install, without causing noise increases.
AC and DC power inputBlock board has to adapt to different occasions, AC voltage range of 12V-15V, 10V-15V DC voltage.
The components used in all genuine devices, reliable quality, long-term useis not a problem.
Board blue double-sided fiberglass board, fewer components, reasonable alignment, noise,
produced a higher success rate, it is suitable for beginners
Product Model: LM1036n
Circuit Board Size: 91mm x 43mm x 30mm/3.58*1.69*1.18"
Power Supply :Dual AC 10~12V or Dual DC 12-15V
Potentiometer Spacing: 19mm
Potentiometer(left to right ): bass control, treble control,
left-right balance control, volume control

This is not a finished board. this is KIT only DIY Kit. This is a Kit ,
you need to weld the component by yourself !
DIY kit installation requires some basic electronic production and practical ability,
there is the risk of damage during the process of installing, once the board is powered on,
we are not responsible for the components. thanks for your understanding

Package Included:
1 x LM1036N Fever Volume Control Board Kit For 12V DC/AC Power Supply DIY
LM1036N Fever Volume Control Board Kit For 12V DC/AC Power Supply DIY

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