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LD3320 ASR hangfelismerő hangmodul

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1. onboard LD3320 non-specific speech recognition (SI-ASR: Speaker-Independent Automatic Speech Recognition). Speech recognition technology / voice chip.
2. through rapid and stable optimization algorithm, to complete the non- specific speech recognition , users do not need prior training and recording , do not need any software on the PC .
3. does not require any external auxiliary Flash chip , RAM chips and AD chip , you can complete a voice recognition function , really provide a single-chip speech recognition solutions.
4. The operation that the master MCU to chip is completed by the reader chip in the internal registers. Can be easily accomplished setting of the list of voice recognition by register settings set , voice recognition start , get the recognition result , MP3 player and other functions.
5 chip has prepared a 16-bit A/D converter, 16-bit D/A converter and amplifier circuits. Microphone, stereo headphones and mono speaker can be easily connect to chip pin . Stereo headphone jack output is 20mW, and the output power of the speaker interface is 550mW, can produce a loud and clear voice.
6. Supports parallel and serial interface SPI two kinds of connections , serial connection can simplify connections with other modules.
7. Supports MP3 playback, without external auxiliary devices, the master MCU will turn into LD332X MP3 data can sound chip from the chip D/A PIN output.
8. PCB board Dimensions : 43.5 (mm) x28.8 (mm)

Package Included:
1 x LD3320 ASR Voice Recognition Professional SP Voice Recognition Voice Module
LD3320 ASR Voice Recognition Professional SP Voice Recognition Voice Module

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