DC 12V-24V TPA3116 digitális erősítő panel 100W

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HiFi amp ,Output power 100 w/o 2 speakers. Increase with mute switch to choose from, with switch potentiometer, better control.Can DIY small desktop mono amplifiers, assembly subwoofer amplifier, can assemble car amplifiers, 12 to 24 v dc power supply, can be used to improve the output power and large dynamic, suggest using 19-24 v power supply.Power supply with 12 v batteries can also be equipped with booster booster to 19-24 v power supply module
Size: 52*48*18MM
This is a designed for electronic enthusiasts, music enthusiasts prepare diy digital power amplifier, double track after class, can match various audio source, tone plate equipped with expensive TDK inductance, timbre fully.Two-stage condenser type (original kingbox two big electrolytic uf + 2200 high frequency low resistance electrolytic) ensure that large dynamic power supply requirements.Shop products are taken in kind, guarantee to the baby is the same as you see, DPA501 amplifier board no hum, but because it is a bare plate, it is best to use good shielding signal wire and a metal shell shielding
power supply input :
have power Reverse connect protection , DC 12V-26V , Current can't less than 1A .
Need big volume, it is recommended that the selection of 19-24 VDC high voltage power supply,
power ouput :
12V 2ohm Speaker output power 40W THD+N=10%
24V 3ohm Speaker output power100W THD+N=10%
12V 2ohm Speaker output power32W  THD+N=1%
24V 3ohm Speaker output power86W THD+N=1%

Package Included:
1 x DC 12V-24V TPA3116 Digital Power Amplifier Board Mono 100W for Car Motorcycle
DC 12V-24V TPA3116 Digital Power Amplifier Board Mono 100W for Car Motorcycle

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