8-csatornás válaszadó DIY készlet NEW M112

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1. Suite Features
Suite Name:8 Channels Responder Suite Typr:RES-P
Operating Voltage:4.5~6V Dimensions:62*48mm
2. Principle of Circuits
RES-P Responder can be used to answer first via eight channels simultaneously. After press one of the buttons, the buzzer makes sound and the number of the person who has answered first displays on the digital tube. After success, the displayed content will keep the same, even you press other buttons. You cannot operate the answer first again till press the "RESET" button.
S1~S8 are the buttons for answer first and the S9 is "RESET" button. CD4511 is an integrated circuit with BCD-7 latch, decoder and driver circuit. And below are the functions of the buttons.
S1ă€2ă€6ă€7: Inputs of BCD
PIN 9~15: Outputs PINs
PIN 3 ďĽLT): Testing Output
PIN 4 ďĽBI): Blanking End
PIN 5: Latch Allowed Terminal
Package Included:
1 x 8-Channels Responder Suite DIY Kits NEW M112
8-Channels Responder Suite DIY Kits NEW M112

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