Alacsonyabb ár! 433MHz CC1101 USB vezeték nélküli adó-vevő modul Nagyobb

433MHz CC1101 USB vezeték nélküli adó-vevő modul

Új termék

5 068 Ft‎


5 450 Ft‎

Egyéb infó

RM1101-USB-232 wireless module, wireless communication, TI's high performance CC1101 chip, a USB interface, serial data radio module, designed specifically for the host computer device wireless data transmission applications, general wokds RM1100-232 TTL digital transmission module for wireless data use, mainly used in the lower machine (MCU) with the host computer (PC computer end) , we also can use two RM1101-USB-232 module, wireless communication between two PC. Module external interface for USB, internal virtual serial port, the development and application is more easy than USB2.0 .

Compare CC1101 and CC1100 :
Improve stray response
433Mhz CC1101 USB Wireless RF Transceiver Module 10mW USB UART MAX232 RS232

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