3pin/4pin Elektronikus hang Sensor mikrofon modul

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Sound Sensor Microphone Module 3Pin/4Pin for Arduino UNO PIC AVR MCU DSP
This module can be connected to the analog I / O port,
when speaking to the microphone, the analog value will be changed.
A recorder can be made by reading and saving the analog value.


Brick TypeSensor Brick
Brick Interface3PIN
Brick Power Supply5V
Board Size33 Ă— 14 Ă— 1.6mm

Working voltage4.555.5VDC
Digital output voltageďĽVCC=5V)0-5V
Working currentďĽ5V)-260-uA
Frequency range100-10000Hz
Sensitivity --50-dB

Connect S port of electronic brick of microphone to A0 port of Arduino, and we will use the following program to read the analog value. When the value exceeds the threshold, the LED indicator will flash.
1 const int ledPin = 13
3pin/4pin Electronic Brick Sound Sensor Microphone Mic Module for Arduino

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