Argireline Csiga Kivonat kollagén hialuronsav 10ml


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Features:Brand New ; High quality.
Shelf life:3 years. Once opened product life is 6 months(store it in cool place around 20 degrees or refrigerator).
Applies to:particularly suitable for dry skin to use, efficient replenishment water lock, supple and shiny skin.
Particularly suitable for sensitive skin, skin care, strengthen skin protection screen.
particularly suitable for oily skin, fight against skin aging, smooth fine lines.
particularly suitable for acne skin, acne scar repair, enhance skin elasticity.
particularly suitable for big pore skin..
Ingredient:aigireline,vitamin E, hamamelis extract, ceramide, collagen protein powder.
Function:It also helps against aging as you retain the fair complexion as well as your skindoes not shrink. .
Vitamin C .
Ingredient:Levorotatory VC, hyaluronic acid, pigment degradation enzyme, EGF, licorice flavonoids .
Function:L-Ascorbic acid (VC) also can accelerate the synthesis of collagen, to make your skin tighten and elastic, and represent the charming luster..
Hyaluronic acid.
Ingredient:Hyaluronic acid,collagen, plant extract concentrate, egg white, sodium.
Function:it is light and moisturizing, and is fast absorbed, moisture your skin,Promote cell regeneration, activate cells; and repair the skin of sunburn..
Ingredient:100% collagen.
Function:It replenishes sufficient collagen, strengthens the self repairing function of the skin, removes the free radicals, tightens the collagen fiber of the skin and prevents theageing of the skin. .
Snail extract.
Ingredient:The snail extract, collagen, trehalose, vitamin B5.
Function:They are known to help smooth lines, nourish and revitalize skin while helping tofight Free Radical damage.reduce acne scar..
How to use:Security bottle aseptic packaging.
to break apart the plastic cover up.
Remove the aluminum foil lid.
Unscrew the cap.
install drippers.
Use only need to gently drop 2 drops.
Pure liquid nourish your skin.
After cleansing, take appropriate face paint.
hand pat massage the skin.
Can be 2 around the eye skin, eliminating dark circles play a role..
Pat, until the liquid is completely absorbed by the skin.
This product suitable for any skin.?Allergic muscle use it carefully!Please use it on your hand back or ear back first, if it has no allergic phenomenon after 5min, you can use it.
When using this product:avoid contact with eyes,if eye contact occurs,immediately flush with water.
Keep out of reach of children,if swallowed ,get medical help or contact a poison control center right away..
If your skin is sensitive, please does a sensitive test before use.
Skin injury, redness and the wound may not be used.
If there are any abnormal phenomenons, please stop using.
If there is a continuous redness or not fit for the symptoms, please go to a doctor immediately.
Package Included:1 pc Extract Collagen Serum
NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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