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Feature:Type: Concealer
Quantity: 1pcs 6color
Ingredient: INGREDIENT: Titanium Oxide, Span-80, Talc.
Size: Full Size
NET WT: 25g
Super delicate light Cream formula, extremely perfect fitting skin, moisturizing, perfect concealer while protecting the skin;
light color, shading, a box of easily creating three-dimensional facial features, so that makeup flawless lasting.
Color:3 color style can choose.
Pink tones: pink tones for staying up late to people is the best choice, cover black rim of the eye, pore bulky, swollen optic vesicle
Specular color: used to carry bright, can use facial ministry T zone, eyebrow bone on both sides to create face stereo feeling
Shadow color: round-faced woman, the tonal suit a modified face
Green color: modified red face skin and bloodshot
Skin color: can be used to cover freckles, dark spots, acne scars and mild block defect will appear more natural color
Ivory color: modify canthus prolapse, corners of the mouth, such as proper uniform way of concealer to flick away
Package Included:1x 6 colors contour cream kit
Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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