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Specification:Delicate sketch silky eyebrow pencil + eyebrow powder filling + dyeing finalize the eyebrow paste 3 in 1,novice can easily navigate!!!
Create 3D double eyebrow,let whole face looks more three-dimensional!
1. Pencil drawing form:Rotate the written delicate triangle ,360-degree rotating the free cutting,suitable for you whenever and wherever the outline of shape you want.
2. Eyebrow color bar: Eyebrow powder evenly,use the pure natural ingredients,filled,natural coloring.
3. Dyed shaping eyebrow cream: Dying finalize the eyebrow to cream,rapidly changing color eyebrows,finalize the design camber,round-the-clock not dizzy catch,let your eyebrow in the united states large confidence ever day.
How to use:1. Eyebrow pencil drawing type----In the insufficient place their brows gently sketch supplement,and outline about camber
2. Eyebrow powder rod filling---With eyebrow powder filling eyebrow,eyebrow color should be deeper than the eyebrows,link to natural color.
3. Dyeing finalize the eyebrow to cream---With spiral eyebrow brush right first against the eyebrows growth direction please brush a few times,until the cock along the direction of eyebrow brush again.
Details:Brand: NOVO
Product Name: 3 in 1 eyebrow pencil
Colors: 01# Deep coffee ,02# Natural brown ,03# Burnt sugar tea ,04# Shallow ash
Net WT: Eyebrow Powder 1.2g + eyebrow powder rob 4.5g + dyeing finalize the eyebrow cream 4ml
Package Included:1 x 3 in 1 eyebrow pencil set(Eyebrow Powder 1.2g + eyebrow powder rob 4.5g + dyeing finalize the eyebrow cream 4ml)
in Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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