1db auto Elektromos hajegyenesítő fésű hajkefe LCD


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Features:Brand New & High quality.
/>/>for thick hair,select higher temperature(210-230)
for normal textured hair,select moderate temperature(190-210)
for delicate, fine hair,you can select temperature( 170-200)select low temperature will be slightly slower to make *a hair style.
Boot-- Press the power button 3 seconds, and press 3 seconds off
World First No Burn No Harm 5 Sec. Straighten Iron Comb Launched !
It is COMB ! comb hair and straighten hair !
5 seconds straighten your hair , 30 seconds heating .
0 Burns 0 harm !
All the world ladies will be crazy for it
Advantage:The product has novel appearance, practical and much safer
All the outer covering are made by high temperature engineering material PET/PPS/PAEE
No burn : When the comb plate reaches 200 degree, the comb top only 50 degree, that will not burn your skin , and it can help message your head and relax you.
No harm: It produce anion when work , that remove hair static electricity, also anion can combine with air to produce moisture, help nourish your hair .
LCD screen display .
360 degree rotatable wire . it avoids the wire twining
Specifications:Voltage: DC110v-220v
Power : 29W
Wire length: about 230cm
Heating time / optimal styling time : 30 seconds
Thermostatic : 185 degree
Max temperature: 230 degree
Min temperature: 80 degree
Thermostat adjustment segments :5 degree
Keep the hair clean and neatly combed please before use
Use the plug into the appropriate socket keep electricity well
First switched on the set temperature ,such as heated to the desired temperature
During use ,you only need one hand to pull hair end ,with the Super Fast Straightener
If you exercise straightener more lasting effect ,it must meet styling hair lotions and softeners
Please do not put too much hair ,if put more ,in the control process it will slow down the speed ,the effect is obvious
Straightener Warning:1. Do not use in the basin,bath and pool,easy to cause

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