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Makeup Foundation Sponge Blender Blending Puff Flawless Powder Smooth Beauty Features:Professional Makeup Blender
Size:35 mm x 35 mm x 45 mm
Color: color will be sent for random
Material: latex
Super fine surface ensures smooth and flawless application
Evenly distribute makeup coverage
Teardrop shape enables multiple angle application
Use to apply all type of makeup including foundation, concealer, powder.. etc
Apply in a bouncing motion, not rubbing
Recommended to use mild soap for cleaning, air dry for next use
15 Colors Makeup Neutral Face Eye shadow Camouflage Cosmetic Concealer Palette Features:Case Size: 15cm x 10cm x 1cm
Diameter per each color around 2.8cm
This palette contains 15 creamy concealer of most commonly applied shades, which offer terrific coverage.
The top row is yellow-based, which is great for covering redness, while bottom row is pink-based, excellent for blackish and bluish coverage (under-eye circle)
Pro Makeup Beauty Cosmetic Face Powder Blush Brush Foundation Brushes Tool Features:Brand New
Color: as shown by photos (Real color could be a little bit different from stock photos due to screen reflection)
Full length 10.5cm
Brush head 1.5cm
Handle: wooden handle(Color: White)
Tube: aluminum (Color: Gold)
Hair: nylon hair(Color: black bottom, gray surface)
Material: advanced artificial Persian hair
Purpose: with BB Cream Foundation
First, the BB CC foundation cream or cream with your fingers squeezed out several points on the face, then with small uniform sweep open pier! It's simple Do not squeeze too much liquid foundation or dipped into the liquid foundation brush on the face directly with the chubby pier, because small overweight compared to not eat meal, then dipped into too much will leave brush marks on his face, as long as we follow the principle of small is definitely not on the face leave brush marks, if and brush marks, that is the brush is too dirty to frequently wash to
The characteristics of overweight is the hair is fat and short, specifically for liquid foundation and backing must not used as a loose powder yo, because of their short coats, when applied to very intensity, easily able to BB Cream smear and thin and uniform, than sponge advantage is not smoke powder, and brush the properties for each slit pores are evenly on the powder, so the final effect is very natural. ~ ~ it uses biggest praise place is makeup too rapidly, face the BB cream, cosmetic brush wreath to make a turn, makeup on OK!.
Package Included:1 x Sponge Puff
1 x Pro 15 Color Camouflage Concealer Palette
1 X Foundation Brush
NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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