Alacsonyabb ár! 10 db USB 2.0 5.1 hangkártya adapter Laptop PC Nagyobb

10 db USB 2.0 5.1 hangkártya adapter Laptop PC


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Support 3D Sound (AC-3) and Vlrtual 5.1 Sound Track
und Track
und Track
The best Entertalnment for Game DVD Music
Integrated 2 channe,USB Audio Controller
Main Funciton:Real USB Plug & Play
Drive 2CH speakers Directly
Support 3D posltlonal sound and vlrtual 5.1 CH sound track
Use USB port power Directly
External power adapter NO NEED
Digital Class-B power Amplifier inside
Leading Digital Technology in the world
Benefit:The Best Enterfalnment for DVD title, Music, Game & Online Content Software Value-added for DVD
Speaker Shifter
5.1x earphone
2 Speaker Vlrtual Theater
Earphone Plus Personal Theater
Enhanced 5.1 Home Theater
Software Value-added for Music
27*Envlronmont Effects
3*Envlronmont Sizes
10-Band/Pre-set Equallzer
Software Value-added for Game
EAX 2.0 or A3D 1.0
Microsoft Dlrectsound 3D
Earphone Plus
Speaker Shifter
Package Included:10 x USB 2.0 Mic Speaker 5.1 Audio Sound Card Adapter.
NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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