Szigetelt TTL RS485 modul TTL jel konverziós


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Features:Brand new and high quality.
This module fully into account the 485 mine design and anti-jamming design, the use of isolated chips to achieve the power and signal isolation, with bus isolation and protection features, high EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), EMI ( electromagnetic interference) performance. In the wild long-distance transmission, the module "earthed" side to earth, can play a very good anti-interference and lightning effects, making 485 more secure; you can not connect with the ground when the indoor short-distance transmission.
Using the standard 2.54 pitch design, easy secondary development.
Having a 120 ohm matching resistor, shorting R0 to enable termination resistors, when the long-distance transmission recommends shorted.
Support multi-machine communication, with a network of at least 128 nodes can be connected.
Can be hot-swappable, plug signal does not appear the phenomenon of death.
The correct alignment and layout, to prevent signal interference

Specifications:Wide voltage power supply (3.0V ~ 5.5V);
Communication signals compatible with 3.3V and 5.0V level, can match the module;
Power supply and signal completely isolated, high EMC and EMI performance, isolation voltage up to 2500V DC;
Absolute using imported chips, industrial grade design, excellent robustness, while using more powerful lightning protection design, can be used in the industrial field and harsh outdoor environments, the working temperature of -40 ºC to +85 ºC, the transmission distance of up to 1 kilometer (nearly 1 kilometer transmission distance, please add repeater);
Semi-hole process design, thickness of 0.8mm, can be used as TIM and main board, also solderable terminals use;
Having RXD, TXD signal lights

Package Included:1x TTL To RS485 Module

NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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