TU-11B Antisztatikus nem mágneses egyenes csipesz

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Material: Anti-Magnetic Anti-Acid steel.
Model: TU-11B.
Length: 140mm.
A range of high quality stainless steel tweezers, designed to meet the requirements of the electronics and precision engineering industries. The tweezers are made of metal and have sharp tips. Do not mistreat themior handle them in any way that may cause injury or damage.
When working on electrical appliances, always be sure to first unplug the appliance in order to prevent electrical shock.
The tweezer forhead is sharp, please be careful When using it
Please put somewhere children can not touch .
1 X TU-11B Anti-static Tweezer Non-magnetic Straight Tip Tweezer
TU-11B Tweezer Anti-static Non-magnetic Straight Tip Tweezer

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