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Sztereó FM transzmitter rádiós modul MCU

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ing current: about 35MA
-Reference distance :3.6V voltage 75cm antenna wire is straighted, ordinary mobile radio reception, outdoor open space Test distance of 100 meters
-Working frquent:76-108 MHz
-Frequency adjustment:buttons
FM wireless microphone audio stereo - forwarding FM radio small power.
moudle: is designed audio interface,and used for microphone or audio signal cable . is voltage chip,the voltage is wide and stability is convenient for set frquent and input signal with five buttons
4.Battery module width just for 5 diameter, convenient loading of the battery box full launch system
5.The input audio signal amplitude adjustment and microphone sensitivity adjustment
6.Heavy bass boost
s1:Press S1,minus 0.1Mhz
S2:press s2,plus 0.1Mhz
S3:press S3,minus 1Mhz
S4:press s4,plus 1Mhz
s5:the input signal sensitivity control (1-8)
Module electricity into the working state after 3 seconds, every keystroke operation will be automatically saved after 3 seconds. When was confused as to what the work frequency of the module, you can push the S1 through long, to restore the module's default value: 100 MHZ and input sensitivity level 6 The module using PLL chip production, so the work is very stable, even if the human touch antenna will not cause the change of frequency module, can be at ease use. Module electricity receiving, receiving antenna with cables and use, also can separate antenna derivation, choose soft wire or rod, the effect is better. Module been calibrated spectrometer test before delivery, quality is absolutely can rest assured.

Package Included:
1 x Stereo FM Transmitter Module Phase-locked Loop Digital Wireless radio Module MCU
Stereo FM Transmitter Module Phase-locked Loop Digital Wireless radio Module MCU

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