Alacsonyabb ár! SI4463 vezeték nélküli modul 868MHz NRF905 SI443 Nagyobb

SI4463 vezeték nélküli modul 868MHz NRF905 SI443

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YJ-14005 is an advanced, low-cost RF transceiver module is a frequency of 868MHz. Excellent receiver sensitivity (-121dBm) ensures a wide range of high performance excellence connection. Modules few external components, the module size is 14mm Ă— 17.5mm.
This module chip lead-free package, the operating temperature range is -40 â„ ~ + 85 â„, it also integrates a number of cost-saving application features, such as wake-up timer, temperature sensors, transmit and receive data FIFO, power-on reset circuit , general-purpose digital I / O port, a high-performance ADC and digital MODEM, MODEM digital demodulation is performed in the digital domain, filtering and packet processing functions, these features can greatly simplify the system designer's job, as well as allowing the use of low-end microcontrollers device.
YJ-14005 when using only an external MCU, RF design has been completely designed by on our good, user productivity without debugging, so that manufacturers can greatly shorten the development cycle, so that a time-to-market advantage.
YJ-14005 is mainly used for short-range wireless communications. Such as
wireless remote control
home security and alarm
telemetry field
personal data records, personal information access
toys control, such as high-end remote control aircraft, ships, etc.
tire pressure monitoring
PC wireless peripherals such as a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, etc.
remote wireless meter reading, such as water meter, gas meter
remote car remote control
Home Automation
industrial control
sensor networks
── health care products, medical care
── tag readers, similar to the RF reader

Package Included:
1 x SI4463 Wireless Module 868MHZ NRF905 /SI443238/CC11101
SI4463 Wireless Module 868MHZ NRF905 /SI443238/CC11101

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