Sárga LED 5 jegyű DC digitális voltmérő panel

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High precision:the measurement range of 0-33.000V over the traditional 0-20.000V header.
Flexible supply:There is no need to isolate power supply, you can use the system common ground.(Note: If you need 0.1 mV resolution please use isolated power supply. Otherwise the accuracy drop an order of magnitude
Variable precision:Precision automatic change below 4.3 V, the highest resolution of 0.1 mV, Precision automatic 4.3 V above changes, the highest resolution of 1 mVConnection is simple, just need to pick up two lines, a joint reverse protection, then do not burn
Technical Parameters:
Weight: 16g
Display mode: Five 0.36 LED digital tube
update rate: > 3s/time
Physical size: 48 x 29 x 22 mm (L*W* H)
Opening size: 45 x 26 mm (L*W)
Supply voltage: 3.5-30V
Lead wire length: 14 cmďĽ4 lines)
Measurement range: DC 0-4.3000-33.000V
Operation temperature: -10 degrees~65 degrees
Measurement accuracy: (0.3‰+ 2words) {means the table worst case maximum error of less than 10mv normal within error 2mv}
Red line 1:Power Supply + Black line 1:Power Supply -
Red line 2:VIN + Black line2: VIN -
NOTE: Header need independent power supply. Power supply range is 3.5-30 V dc. when black wire and red wire are switched to with the power supply ,header will display 0.0000 (when the measuring line is dangling ,the header will display one or two base) . Red VIN + and black line VIN - will be switched to the measurment circuit. the measured voltage range is 0-33.000 V dc.

Package Included:
1 x yellow LED 5 Digit DC 0-4.3000-33.000V Digital Voltmeter Voltage Meter Car Panel
Yellow LED 5 Digit DC 0-4.3000-33.000V Digital Voltmeter Voltage Meter Car Panel

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