Alacsonyabb ár! RDA5802E FM sztereó digitális rádió modul MP4 MP3 Nagyobb

RDA5802E FM sztereó digitális rádió modul MP4 MP3

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Use RDA5807P chip developed by a new generation of digital FM radio module,
ation of digital FM radio module,
ation of digital FM radio module,
mainly used in MP3/MP4 media player,
with more prominent than traditional analogue radio module performance,
excellent sound quality, minimal noise,
lower power consumption, high integration of Actions, Rockchip, Ali
and other popular programs can very well compatible.
This module can be directly compatible products in the software part of the TEA5767,
which in part can be a direct replacement for the module,
and therefore do not need to change any place in the module can be a direct replacement part.
RDA5807P can directly drive 32 European headphones,no external amplifier,
much stronger performance than the TEA5767
The module supports voltage range 2.7-5.5VDC,
using SMD components technology,
through a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack directly drive headphones,
the sound quality is excellent.
This module can be used in conjunction with multimedia processing chip
via I2C digital interface with a variety of SCM (51, AVR, PIC, MPS430, etc.).
We will be able to learn a lot through this module interesting and practical knowledge,
such as intelligent CNC can DIY your own FM radio,
digital radio can be achieved with intelligent clock and remote control functions, and so on ....

Module Features:
A, first CMOS process using the FM radio chip
RDA5802E FM Stereo Low IF Digital Radio Module Fo MP4/MP3 Player Replace RDA5807

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