Prototype Szenzor panel Arduino UNO R3

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The module is compatible with Arduino UNO R3 sensor expansion board substrates, electronic building blocks related to functional modules and compatible with Arduino UNO R3 bridge connection between the motherboard. SPI interface board leads the motherboard, UART interface, the part of the digital interface and analog interface, easy DIY enthusiasts, arduino interactive designers will soon be quickly attached to the Arduino module on the motherboard, accelerate project development progress.

Expansion board features are as follows:
1. For Arduino UNO R3, Catduino and other compatible motherboard.
2. on-board reset circuit, power supply and reset the indicator.
3. can continue to stack additional features Arduino expansion boards.
4. Operate voltage:5V
Pin interface leads Resources:
1. SPI interface: two SPI interfaces shared SPI bus, chip select pin is not the same, you can enable the board to mount two SPI interface module
Prototype Sensor Shield Sensor Expansion Board Robots Shield for Arduino UNO R3

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