PAM8406 digitális erősítő potenciométer 5Wx2 M70

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338 Ft‎


363 Ft‎

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1. Volume: 23 * 24MM weight:0.45 g
2. Excellent noise suppression. in the absence of contact input audio, you will not hear any noise even put your ear close to the speaker
3. The two-channel stereo, 5V power supply can output 5W + 5W power, directly drive 4Ω, 8Ω speakers, output power, full of energy, good sound quality, with left and right channel volume adjustment.
4.unique non-LC filter Class-D digital power board, it can be used directly for the USB-powered from computers.
5. dual-panel wiring and proper solution to potential balance and channel crosstalk caused by the wiring between
6. ultra-miniature design, it can easily be placed in a small space inside a variety of digital products, high amplification efficiency.
7. Solder by machine
8. The rated working voltage 2.5-5V, limit operating voltage 5.5V

Package Included:
1 x PAM8406 Digital amplifier board with volume potentiometer 5Wx2 Stereo M70
PAM8406 Digital Amplifier Board With Volume Potentiometer 5Wx2 Stereo M70

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