Alacsonyabb ár! NRF24L01 + Wireless adó-vevő modul + Adapter panel Nagyobb

NRF24L01 + Wireless adó-vevő modul + Adapter panel

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Wireless module operating voltage is generally 3.3v, while the ordinary 51 microcontroller 5v, this module is easy to shop wireless module with 51 single system board used in conjunction.
This module can be any one of 51 shop is directly connected to the system board, easy to use.
It's for 8Pin NRF24L01+
This is a simple socket board which is for NRF24L01 Wireless module
on-board AMS1117-3.3 chip
NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz RF Wireless Transceiver Module:

Maximum operating speeds up to 2Mbps, GFSK modulation efficiency, Anti-interference ability, Particularly suitable for industrial control applications.
125 Channels, Multi-point communication and frequency hopping to meet the communication needs
Built-in hardware CRC error detection, Multipoint communication address control.
Low-power 1.9 ~ 3.6V, only 1uA on Power down mode
Built-in 2.4Ghz antenna
Available software to set the address, only received local Address when output data(Provide interrupt instruction), can be directly connected to a variety of microcontrollers, Software programming is very convenient.
Built-in voltage regulator
Standard DIP Pitch Interface for embedded applications
size: 34mm X 17mm X 1mm
Package Included:
1PCS*8Pin Socket Adapter plate Board
1PCS*NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz RF Wireless Transceiver Module
NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz RF Wireless Transceiver Module+8Pin Socket Adapter plate Board

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