Alacsonyabb ár! MCU Wireless fejlesztő panel+ NRF24L01+Wifi Nagyobb

MCU Wireless fejlesztő panel+ NRF24L01+Wifi

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1 598 Ft‎


1 682 Ft‎

Egyéb infó

is single chip to power 3.3V
NRF24L01+ wireless on-board module
Onboard UART interface, are used to implement serial communication
On-board 5V 3.3V chip AMS1117-3.3 chips
All I/O all leads, and mark the name I/O
PCB dimensions: 39 (mm) x26 (mm)
Shipping Included:
1PCS* STC15L204 Wireless Development Board
1PCS*NRF24L01 Wireless Serial Module
MCU STC15L204 Wireless Development Board + NRF24L01+ Wireless Serial Module

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