LMD102 4-csatornás Vezérelhető hangmodul + Shield

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3 449 Ft‎


3 631 Ft‎

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1. Technical parameters
Operating voltage:DC 5V
Max Current:500 MA
Static Current: 0.3MA
Working temps:-40â„-85â„
Audio power output:8ohm 3W
2. Functional features
1). The highest output power,dual 2.5W
2). Voice loud and clear,Fever calorification
3). Save electricity,It can be put for a long time
4). To prevent wrong operation,Many kinds of protection measures
5). A new circuit design,Strong anti-interference ability
6). A smaller 35.7*17.8 mm,Support for multiple sampling format,Can store up to 24 minutes
7). voice message can be segmented recording and playback
8). Working voltage 5V
9). TTL recording interface
10). New audio playback control algorithm
11). Many kinds of control ways
12). FLASH control,Good reliability

3. Fast installation

4. Control mode

About LMD102 voice shield

1. Product Introduction
LMD102 evaluation board is shield for voice module LMD102 accessories tools.
When recording and presentation it is very convenient. LMD102 voice module have to do the basic circuit board,
solved the problem of the LMD102 recording when the connection is not convenient.
2. Function introduction.
This evaluation board has some resource:Power supply interface,485 circuitand interface
,4-bit button,LED indicator,setup mode select,vioce output interface,loudspeaker.

Package Included:
1 x LMD102 Voice Module
1 x LMD102 Voice Shield
LMD102 4-Channel Controllable Voice Module Voice Prompt Play Module + Shield Top

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