LED voltméter modul DC-DC 100W 3-35V 12V -3.5-35V

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Brand new with high quality
Weight:28 g
Color: as picture show
Size:67.5mmx41.5mmx14mm/2.66"x1.63"x0.55"(inch) (approx).
Performance parameters:
1.Input Voltage:3-35V DC (Note: When input voltage is less than 4V, onboard voltmeter will not work).
2.Input Current:9A (max).
3.Output Voltage:3.5-35V DC (this board is boosting board, output voltage>=Input voltage).
4.Output Current:6A (max).
5.Output Power: 65W (when the input and output voltage greater than 20V up to 100W).
6.Conversion Efficiency: 96% (the highest).
7.Output Ripple:40mV(TYP).
8.Onboard Voltmeter Range:4-40V .
The module has high power output and efficiency (up to 96%). The output can be up to 65W (and can further reach 100W when enhance heat-transfer).
Onboard we have a voltmeter to show clearly the input / output voltage (we can select to show input/output voltage by pressing on the button onboard). When the "IN" LED lights on, the voltmeter displays input voltage
DC-DC 100W 3-35V 12V to 3.5-35V Boost Step-up Module Power Supply LED Voltmeter

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