Alacsonyabb ár! Kijlző Osd board MinimOSD APM Telemetry - APM2.0 Nagyobb

Kijlző Osd board MinimOSD APM Telemetry - APM2.0

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MinimOSD, a minimal Arduino-based on-screen display board. It's tailored for use with ArduPilot Mega and the MAVlink protocol, and designed to be as compact as possible.
It's main components are an ATmega328P 8 bit microcontroller with an Arduino bootloader, and a MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display. Programming is done through an FT232 Module
It features two independent power and ground sections to isolate the OSD's analog stage: a +5V section for the ATmega and the OSD's digital stage, powered through the FTDI cable or other +5V source
On-Screen Display OSD Board MinimOSD APM Telemetry to APM2.0 APM2.5 APM 1 APM 2

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