Kapacitív digitális érintő érzékelő modul Arduino Nagyobb

Kapacitív digitális érintő érzékelő modul Arduino

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mized according to the settings of Jumper A and B.
A sticker can be placed on top of the touch area to for instruction indication.
It can operate as low as 2.0V and can be used as a standalone module or connect to arduino for further periperhal control.
It can replace traditional tackle swtich button, solving the problem of swtich debounce.
Jumper settings. (0 = unconnected, 1 = connected)
A B Pin output state
0 0 Normally LOW, HIGH when touched
0 1 Normally HIGH, LOW when touched
1 0 Startup LOW, when touched swtich to HIGH and remain, swtich to LOW after another touch
1 1 Startup HIGH, when touched swtich to LOW and remain, swtich to HIGH after another touch
Input Operating voltage: DC 2.0V - 5.5V
Input with reverse polarity protection.
LED Color: BLUE, connected to Output pin
Idle current: <10uA
Size: 15.5mmx23.5mm
Connection: Vcc, Output, GND

Sample Code for testing with Arduino:
const int SensorPin = 2
Capacitive Digital Touch Sensor Hand Detection Module For Arduino capacitance

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