Forrasztó állomás Vas fogantyú AT 8586 AT936b 936A

Új termék

3 054 Ft‎


3 214 Ft‎

Egyéb infó

Watt 50w
Voltage DC 24v
Connector 5 holes
Heating elemen T 60 w
Temperature 200 ~ 480 Total length 110 cm, Soft c can
mold 907

1. With fine workmanship and excellent quality, can be used for a long period
2. Portable and lightweight handle design, comfortable to touch
3. Rapid temperature rise, beautiful welding
4. 5 holes interface, imported and 2 core heating elements
5. Ideal for any soldering or electronics enthusiasts
6. Small and exquisite, easy to replace and use

Package Included:
1PCS * 907 Soldering Iron 7-Pin Handle For AT936b AT907 AT8586 ATTEN Soldering Station
Soldering Station Iron Handle For AT 8586 AT936b 936A 937A 7 Holes 220V 700W

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