ESP8266 WIFI Serial Development Board Test Wifi

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Use your cell phone and install IOT.APK.
r />r />Short circuit hat connect to the electric flash model,take off and then go to the normal state.
Put on the battery,use your cell phone to search the AI-THINKER net.
Plus this router,the pass-ward:ai-thinker.
After passing,you can control the module of the cell phone.
After doing the following step
Using the cell phone control the AP,then control the dimming and the IO switch
Base on the first step,then going to the deploy item,then going to the net.
After connecting to the home not,the module can mount to the server.
The first step can no need for any router,your cell phone can easily control.
The second step can use the home net or the WIFI.
The third step can mount to the server,your cell phone can use 2G 3G 4G flow in no limiting
Package Included:
1 x ESP8266-12 Wifi Evaluation Board
1 x ESP-12
1 x AA Battery Holder
ESP8266 WIFI Serial Dev Kit Development Board Test Wireless Board Full IO Leads

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