DIY készlet 8x8 audio jelző Kék Hangvezérlés LED

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2 413 Ft‎


2 540 Ft‎

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3>. There are four fixed mounting holes on PCB.
4>. It is no need for filter circuit. It can driver dot matrix, spectrum indicating and so on.
5>. We have programmed the code to FFT2088.It can supply 8*8 LED.
6>. It design for audio equipment. Being used in all kinds of audio output device widely.
7>. Professional audio decoding. It can display equency and amplitude for audio signal.
8>. There are three display mode can be selected(Fast flash, Slow flash 1,Slow flash 2).Provide the feeling of cool.
9>. There are three Sensitivity mode can be selected(High,Medium,Low).To adapt to the different power supply environment.
10>. Audio automatic gain control. Always show the best visual effect.
11>. Circuit design is simple. Add current limiting resistor drive LEDs directly.
2. Function declaration.
Function Menu selection by a button. It has three different operations as following:
1>. Test Mode.
Press button before power on, then power on, IC will enter into test mode automatically. In this mode, it can test led and circuit.
2>. Change Display Mode. ( press the button less than 1.5 seconds)
It will change a display mode by short press one time button(less than 1.5 seconds).
1). S1 Mode: slow flash 1. It will display ?S1? on LED screen. In this mode, It's the slowest display and update.
2). S2 Mode: slow flash 2. It will display ?S2? on LED screen. In this mode, Its speed is appropriate.
3). F Mode: fast flash. It will display ?F? on LED screen. In this mode, It's the fastest display and update.
3>. Sensitivity Mode. ( press the button more than 1.5 seconds)
It will change signal detection sensitivity by long press one time button(more than 1.5 seconds).
1). L Mode: low sensitivity mode. It will display ?L? on LED screen. In this mode, It can filter weak jamming signal, It is not sensitive to the interference of power supply.

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