DC24V feszültség komparátor LM393N Távirányító

Új termék

1 895 Ft‎


2 060 Ft‎

Egyéb infó

1. Input(+)
ll light on when the Relay connect. Light Off when relay Disconnect.
4. Jump shorting JP1, the relay public-pin have same voltage with power input.
Disconnect JP1, the relay public-pin uncharged (default settings).
5. Relay normally open Pin.
6. Relay public Pin.
7. Relay Normally closed pin.
8. Functions two Jumper settings, when you want to use features-two need disconnect Jumper.
9. Adjustable resistor, adjusting the reference voltage, reference voltage value can be test through the 10-pin.
10. Comparison reversed-phase input (-)
11. The comparator inverting input (+)
Wiring diagram:
Package Including
Voltage comparator lm393n Module x 1
DC24V Auto Circuit Modifications Voltage Comparator LM393N for Remote Control

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