Alacsonyabb ár! DC 5V Analóg ultrahangos távolságmérő modul Nagyobb

DC 5V Analóg ultrahangos távolságmérő modul

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786 Ft‎


845 Ft‎

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US-016 is the only one analog output of ultrasonic ranging module,
analog voltage output proportional to the distance value,
and can be easily connected to other systems, US-016 is stable and reliable
US-016 ultrasonic ranging module can achieve 2cm ~ 3m non-contact distance measurement function,
the power supply voltage of 5V, operating current of 3.8mA, support analog voltage output, stable and
reliable. This module can be set to different ranges depending on the application scenario (maximum
measurement distance for each 1m and 3m)
DC 5V US-016 Analog Voltage Output Double Range Analog Ultrasonic Ranging Module

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