Alacsonyabb ár! ARM7 ARM9 ARM11 J linket V8 ARM emulátor Cortex-M3 Nagyobb

ARM7 ARM9 ARM11 J linket V8 ARM emulátor Cortex-M3

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J-link Jlink V8 ARM Emulator supports ARM7 ARM9 ARM11 Cortex-M3 core ADS IAR STM32 Emulator JTAG interface TVS+FUSE Protection
V8.0 V7.0 version of the improved version of the relative:
1. Improving the SWD interface circuit, the use of counterfeit JLINK V8 JTAG debug mode can be normal when debugging CORTEX-M3 core chips will not use SWD functionality
V7 hardware SWD part with the V8 not the same, if forced to switch to SWD mode, JLINK the main chip will be destroyed!
JLINK V8 interface circuit using two-level converter chip, using a level converter chip will be fake V8!
2. V8.0 using two-color LED can indicate more work status, V7.0 only an LED indicator light
3. To optimize the firmware structure and function of the firmware upgrade boot loader area to move to double the size of the application area
Easy to add new features
ARM7 ARM9 ARM11 J link V8 ARM Emulator Cortex-M3 ADS IAR STM32 JTAG Interface

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