Arduino Pro Micro atmega32u4 WIFI ESP8266 modul

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Cactus Micro is our integrated developement board, we have mixed Arduino with WIFI into a single board.
It is targeted for makers to develop low power Internet-Of-Things (IoT) projects quickly and easily.
The micro-controller unit (MCU) is Atmel ATmega32U4 and the WIFI chip is ESP8266.

How It Works
The ESP8266 chip communicates with Atmega32U4 through the SoftwareSerial or Serial (hardware serial port).
It can be switched by a jumper. The default port for communicattion is SoftwareSerial port (RX: 11, TX: 12)
The pin 13 is connected to pin CH_PD of ESP8266. Put the pin 13 high to enable ESP8266 chip.
Cactus Micro Pinout
Atmel ATmega32U4
Wireless ChipESP8266
Operating Voltage3.3V
Input Voltage5V (USB)
4.3-12V (RAW)
Note: Use either one power source at a time, otherwise you will damage the board.
Clock Speed8MHz
Flash Memory32KB (of which 4 KB used by bootloader)
Dimensions1.3 x 0.7"
I/O Pins18

Package Contains
Micro module x 1
ESP8266 module (ESP-11) x 1
Pins (Not soldering) x 1
Cactus Micro Rev2 Arduino Pro Micro atmega32u4 WIFI ESP8266 module ESP-11 ESP-03

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